Do you want to learn coding? Or better yet, do you want your kids to learn coding? You have found the right place! With lots of videos, pictures, and detailed explanations, you and your kids can learn coding basics in no time! And we’ll make it fun and visual and interactive and interesting and challenging.

Our first module, Sara’s Little Coders, targets young children who are completely new to coding. But even older or more experienced students will enjoy following Little Coders lessons and tutorials and playing (and creating) all the coding games. By playing games, young coders will learn coding fundamentals and later learn how to use Scratch to create their very own games!

Our second module, Python with Sara, targets older or slightly more experienced students. We still explain all the coding basics and make the lessons very visual, but the coding is more advanced. From the very start, we use simple games and lots of graphics to teach coding fundamentals. This makes learning of programming concepts very visual, easy to understand, and entertaining. With every completed lesson, you can proudly show to your parents, siblings, or friends a new drawings or a new game that you yourself have created!

So please come in and take a look around – we really hope that you will like what you see. And whether you do (or don’t), please let us know in the comments for each page. Your comments, suggestions, or requests will make this site even better!

The easiest way to navigate Code with Sara website is by using the navigation menu at the top and side of most pages. Also, please excuse the mess. The entire site is under development. We are adding one or two new lessons every week, so please bear with us!


Programming Languages

Here are the languages that we currently have classes for. Don’t worry, there’s more to come in the near future!


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