Enabling Python in VS Code

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If you have not yet installed VS Code on your computer, please refer to Installing Visual Studio Code and Installing VS Code on Windows 10 for details on how to do it for your operating system.

Visual Studio does not support Python right out-of-the-box. Before you can write and execute Python programs in any version of Visual Studio, you first need to install a few additional features. In this post, we’ll walk together through the installation process. In the subsequent post, First Python Program in VSC, we’ll complete the installation and write a simple Python program that will verify that everything is set up correctly!

Let’s get right to it!

  1. Open Visual Studio Code app
    • By using the shortcut on your Desktop, or
    • By starting to type “Visual Studio” in the Start Menu and then selecting Visual Studio Code  from the drop down list, or
    • By finding Visual Studio Code on the Start Menu (either under “V” or under “Recently added”
  2. If this you first time opening VSC, you should see a Welcome screen. If not, go to Help > Welcome.
  3. Click on “Python” under “Customize” > “Tools and Languages: Install support for …”
  4. You should see a message, that the window will reload after the installation. Click “OK”.
    Start Installation

Congratulations, you are now ready to write Python programs in VSC!

The follow up post, First Python Program in VSC, will guide you through writing a simple Python program and completing VSC setup for Python.