Word Press Blues

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Are you creating your very first Word Press site? Or are you thinking about creating one? Then perhaps this series of blogs will help you and make your life easier.

Originally, we wanted Code with Sara to be just about coding. But as we struggled with creating it, we realized that maybe we can also help others, who are creating their very first Word Press sites.

Have you ever seen a site that you really liked? That you wanted to use as a guide for making your own site? Did you wish that the site owner would share with you the theme, plugins, widgets, etc. that make her site great?

Our plan is doing exactly that. We will share with you all the tools that we use and the tools that we’ve tried to use but abandoned for various reasons. We will share with you the tips and tricks that we use to make our site look the way it does.

If you like our tips, please let us know. And if you have some tips for us, definitely let us know!

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