Python with Sara

Our Python classes are free, fun, and very visual. They are meant for programming beginners – we teach Python language and programming fundamentals together. We use lots of examples, most of them containing drawings or games. This allows us to explain abstract programming concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

Our Python classes are hands-on right from the start. We begin with graphics and games, leaving formal language details for later lessons. In each lesson, students create programs that are even more amazing than before and can be proudly shared with family and friends. This creates a motivation and a sense of accomplishment and keeps students coming back.

We don’t expect any programming background. Python with Sara 101 is meant for complete beginners, kids or adults, who just want to see what programming and Python is all about. Using graphics and games, students learn programming fundamentals like variables, conditional statements, and loops.

In the subsequent class, Python with Sara 102, we discuss functions, objects, recursion, etc. And in advanced classes, we introduce basic algorithms used for searching, sorting, etc.

Class Structure

Each Python with Sara class consists of several units. Each unit contains three to five lessons, a quiz, exercise solutions, quiz answers, and unit extras.

Lessons and Exercises

Each lesson should take about 30 minutes to complete. Lessons build upon the material covered in the previous lessons or classes, so we recommend that you do not skip any of them.

Exercises at the end of each lesson help you master each new topic. They typically ask you to create a short program that produces some amazing graphics or a cool game that you can share with your family and friends.


Questions in each unit’s quizzes usually do not require writing code but rather ask you demonstrate your understanding of the unit. Even though no grades are given, we still recommend taking the quizzes to make sure that you are ready to proceed to the next unit.

Solutions and Answers

We review solutions of exercises and answers to quizzes in Solutions and Answers pages. Even if you are 100% certain that all your solutions and answers are correct, please review these pages – they may contain additional insights not discussed in the lessons.


At the end of each unit we include additional materials, extras, which explain the concepts learned in more detail and depth. These are optional and can be skipped if needed.

We currently don’t allow comments on the lessons or other pages in this section. If you have questions or suggestions please go to our Python 101 Q&A and post a comment there.

Python with Sara Classes

We are in the process of creating a full suite of Python classes. At this point, however, only Python 101 is available.

Python 101 In this introductory course, you will learn the basics of both Python and programming using Turtle Graphics. No prior knowledge of Python or programming is expected.