Python with Sara 101

This is our introductory Python class. As we mentioned earlier, no prior programming experience is expected – we teach both the Python language and the programming concepts.

We start the first unit by installing IDLE, the Python programming environment. We learn how to use it and then, together, we write our first Python program. This unit may not be as exciting as the ones that follow but unfortunately we have to set up Python before we can start having fun creating cool drawings and games.

In the second unit, we introduce a drawing module called Turtle Graphics. We start by drawing lines and rectangles and continue with stars, n-grams, and other cool shapes. At the same time, we learn basic for-loops.

In the third unit, we learn about conditional statements and functions. Students will program a fun number-guessing game and continue with more advanced Turtle drawings.

Since a good understanding of loops is important for writing efficient code, we devote an entire unit four to loops and lists.

In the final unit, we teach you how to code a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game using Turtle Graphics.


Table of Contents

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