Unit 1: Starting with Python

This unit is mostly about setting everything up. We give you some background on Python language and show you how to install IDLE, the Python programming environment. We learn how to use IDLE, how to use Python Shell, and how to use IDLE editor. We conclude the unit by writing our very first Python program.

A short quiz will help you remember important points learned in this unit and the extras will give you more details on the topics covered in the lessons.

Use the Answers & Solutions page to check your answers for the exercises and the quiz. There, you will also learn a few helpful tips for using IDLE.

This unit is not as exciting and fun as the other units simply because setting things up is boring. Unfortunately, we have to prepare everything before using Python for some fun and creative projects. So please be patient, stick with the lessons, and you’ll be rewarded – Unit 2: Python Turtle Graphics is going to be so much fun!

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