Sara’s Little Coders

Did you know that even children who can barely read (or can’t read at all) can still have fun learning programming? Sure, they will not write a car-navigation software but they can learn programming basics and have fun at the same time. Our classes for little coders target young children, 5-10 years old, and their parents. Especially the little ones will need parent’s help. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a programming wizard to be helpful. It’s enough if you, together with your child, read our lessons, help your child navigate to the correct website, and they will figure out the rest on their own.

This section is targeting younger kids but even older students will enjoy trying all different games and exercises. Quite likely, they will progress very quickly and might find some lessons too easy. But we still recommend doing all lessons in order because lessons build on top of each other and later lessons often use concept explained earlier. This especially applies to Scratch lessons where we really recommend not skipping anything.

The lessons in this section are meant for first-time programmers, young and old. Even very young children can play most of the games and follow many of the coding examples. With a little bit of help from their parents, they can learn basics of coding even before or at the same time as they learn basics of reading!

The goal of the lessons is … having fun! Yes, in Intermediate Scratch Coding and Scratch Movies classes, we will do some pretty amazing projects but even if you never get there, you can still have fun and get your first taste of coding. All lessons use games to make coding more entertaining and keep students interested in learning more. Many lessons and units come with follow up examples, quizzes, and tests. They are all optional but we strongly recommend doing at least some of them to gain proficiency in the learned skills.

In Coding Games, we will play together a few simple pattern-matching games and then learn how to navigate mazes and paths by providing instructions to cute cartoon characters. In Scratch for Beginners, we will introduce you to Scratch, a block-based programming language that allows to write simple programs very quickly and efficiently. We will learn a few basic skills, like how to move a sprite, how to animate a sprite, or how to create our own sprites. All that by creating simple games that you can play with your parents, siblings, or friends. In Intermediate Scratch Coding, we will continue improving our Scratch skills using multiple backgrounds, using variables and named code blocks, detecting obstacles, etc. In Scratch Movies class, we will create a few short movies, all coded in Scratch. Multiple sprites talking to each other, performing various actions, disappearing and appearing in different places, etc. And in Drawing with Scratch, we will learn how to create amazing pictures using Scratch.