1.2 The Code Breaker Game

Odd Squad – Code Breaker game from pbskids.org

In the previous lesson, the Fuzz Bugs game, we matched patterns of colors. In the Odd Squad: Code Breaker game, we will match patterns of numbers. These can be simple patterns like 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, … or more complicated ones, like 16, 14, 12, 10, … The “rules” are simple – figure out a pattern of numbers and then follow this pattern as you “walk” from one numbered tile to the next. You should try to accomplish three goals: (a) walk all the way to the exit door based on the number pattern, (b) don’t get zapped by electric discharge, and (c) collect all three juice boxes.

To play the game, just navigate to Odd Squad: Code Breaker (pbskids.org).

Parents, you may need to help your child enter the URL and find the game. Also, there are a few levels that can get frustrating. They require precise timing and players need to realize that not every step needs to be forward or to the side. Sometimes it’s OK or even necessary to walk back!

Both Sara and I played the game multiple times and were eventually able to finish all levels and get all three juice boxes at each level. In case you get really stuck, take a look at the solution for many of the levels at Code Breaker Solutions. Or click on one of the videos below.

When I was teaching coding, my students loved this game and wanted to play it over and over. It is challenging but also a lot of fun. Try each level multiple times. Even if you succeed, play it few more times and try to find different paths or get more juice boxes.

Did you enjoy it? Was there one particular level that you got stuck on? Tell us below!

Code Breaker Game Play – Levels 1-10
Code Breaker Game Play – Levels 11-20
Code Breaker Game Play – Levels 21-30
Code Breaker Game Play – Levels 31-40
Code Breaker Game Play – Levels 41-45

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