2.3 Run Marco! – Winter Wonderland

All Can Code – Run Marco! – Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is another Run Marco! game. We give instruction to familiar characters – Marco and Sophia. And we use the same block language as the Jungle Trouble game. The goal of the game is to navigate a winter-garden maze in such a way that our characters step on each tile exactly once. To do this, we use basic Motion and Iteration instructions that tell Marco or Sophia what to do.

Our videos will show you, step-by-step, how to solve each level and explain in detail the programming concepts being used. As usual, we suggest that you try each level on your own, multiple times. Try it first without watching the video and then watch the video to compare your solution with ours. Or, if you get stuck, watch the video to figure out what you need to do.

And, most importantly, have fun! Try your own solutions, don’t be afraid to get stuck, and remember to always test partial solutions!

To play the Winter Wonderland game, navigate to All Can Code – Run Marco. Select the language of your choice and your favorite character – Marco or Sophia. Then click on the image of snowy garden. The videos below will help you to start.

Motion Commands

Let’s quickly review the two types of commands supported by the Run Marco! – Winter Wonderland game – motion commands and loops.

Motion commands are instructions like “step forward“, “turn left“, “turn right“, etc. They instruct the character to move in a specific way.

Motion commands can be combined into scripts that instruct Marco (or Sophia) how to move. For example, the script on the right instructs Marco/Sophia to make two steps forward, then turn left, and then step forward one more time.

Watch the video below to learn more about motion commands and how to use them to solve levels 1-6 of the Run Marco! – Winter Wonderland game.


Iteration commands, also called loops or repeat statements, make our (coding) life easier and also more natural. When we give somebody directions, we don’t say: “Step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward.” Instead, we say: “Make 4 steps forward.” Or: “Repeat 4 times (step forward).

We can combine and nest repeat statements and motion statements into advanced scripts. For example, we can say: “Repeat 3 times (turn right and make 4 steps).

Watch the videos below to learn how to use repeat statements and how to combine them with motion commands to solve levels 6-12 of the Run Marco! – Winter Wonderland game.

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